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A RAW: The Oculus

Personally 9/11/01 and the site of the World Trade Center Towers will for always cause me a bit of angst. On that day, I was going to work like I normally did but, on that day I was filled with the knowledge just a few weeks before I'd be expecting my second child. Interestingly, even though took my 35mm Minolta down there and shot photographs of what I saw, I have no interest in looking at them, sharing or doing much with them. That was the last time I used that camera for shooting pictures.

Everything I felt after the first tower fell and that wall of lord knows what filled every street and breath I took just changed me. In that instant all I could think about while I stood there in front of 55 Water Street was focus, recompose and make my way home.

In Late 2016, I got close enough to see the Oculus but haven’t made my way to the reflecting pools yet. I’m mixed about it all I guess, but one feeling I do have is awe. I stand in wonder about the structure that challenges you to embrace the depth and imagination of its creators.
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One Light

An incredible performance by a fierce and fearless artist on Ocean Drive in Miami's Historic South Beach Art Deco district. Even though I shoot a lot of images, I only have a handful that I'd want to blow up, and put on a wall. This image is one of them; it was shot with available light as the performer took command. I wanted to catch that sliver of light cutting through the night. The was all manual, all RAW. We went back here in 2017 and found that this place, closed I'm glad I caught this when I did.

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Afro Batman - Why So Serious? AfroBatmanAfroBatman

Why so Serious?

Photo As a child growing up I wanted to be a special effects designer, painter, and photographer and as an adult looking back that just boils down to being an artist. Throughout the early part of my career, I've stayed close to art as a typographer, prepress four-color film producer, and color specialist. These roles and some of the tools like a typositor don't exist as today, but the guidance I got from all of those illustrators, pressman and type experts has given me an insight that I use in all aspects of work I do today. 

The best thing is seeing your children taking an interest in all those things you put down, but with a fearless enthusiasm, you remember from your childhood. My son and I had a huge debate about this picture and using off-camera flash. It was a new technique for him, and that's where I get to be the dad and say don't worry we'll work through it together. Since he has a huge thing for Batman, which started at about age 4 or 5, we had a good laugh because the mask made him look way more dangerous than he was for this shoot.

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A secret garden

I decided to splurge this time rent the Canon 70-200mm LII f2.8 for my son's graduation and went strolling the day after with this beast on my shoulder. I figure it's way easier to rent this baby for 100 dollars than to spend almost three thousand dollars. These beauties were where around Brooklyn and no matter where you look, it reminded me of summer.  

My go-to source for rentals has always been fast easy and educational. I love the color of this, and the bokeh to me was very dreamy. I'm a firm believer of try before you buy and for these prices, I'll keep working. By the way, all those stories about how heavy it is are 100% accurate.

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The Transfer (Color Blind)

I come from traditional roots, which means I used a phototypositor, worked with pressmen to produce six color magazines and trapped images for graphic artwork. While these tools and techniques seem ancient today, they only died about ten to fifteen years ago. The phototypositor is much longer than that :)

At a young age, I understood why the traditional details mattered, plus how to bend the rules when it came to color and image correction.

This lesson translates a great deal to how I take my pictures, think about color and look at images. I often wonder if a picture has more weight without color, or which version taps into the imagination of the viewer most.

My youngest in middle school is majoring in of all things photography. The great part about this is my old Minolta XGM will get a well-deserved workout. The other blessing is I'm getting the benefit of perspective, and the challenge of young eyes on what is important in a photograph.

Under the scrutiny of my 12-year-old, I'll get, "Dad I think color takes away from the shot, and it has more depth without it." I know it is all a matter of opinion but, when I go back to 256 shades instead of sixteen million or even less when you consider the printed page, he may have a point.

What do you think? Should be we color blind?

Want to see more check out our Infinity + 1 Gallery  @

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The TransferThe TransferDo you wait for a New York minute?

Tools: Aperture, Google Nik Silver EFX

Tools: Adobe Lightroom




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A Eye

We shot over 7,000 photographs in 2012, so I thought the time has come to talk about particular ones. I called this picture "The Eye."

The Eye: I was invited by DJ Hard Hittin Harry to shoot his debut at the Brooklyn Museum, for Target First Saturdays.  It was an outdoor event packed with people, wall to wall. 

This couple stood out for me because,  the man was, calm cool and collected, safe in the moment, arms around his lady. The woman gave me this look that said: "you may, but do it before, I change my mind."

Want to see more? Check out all of our photographs from Target First Saturday event featuring DJ Hard Hittin Harry and the Earthman Experience, by following the link below.

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A Couple



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CustomWhiteBalance   Color Wrong - Fluorescent setting. Strong Yellow balance Base - This was the base image for my custom color balance. Color Right - This was the next shot. Since I shoot RAW I made some minor adjustments to sharpen. Color Right - Once you set the custom white balance every shot you take just falls into place. It's a grey card in your pocket.

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Any tool that allows me to shoot faster, and improve my post-production workflow I’m down to try. Even though I have a long history in color processing, after taking 400 shots at an event you need to have an edge. A tool I picked up in 2011 was the Color Rite Disk. I have to admit I was skeptical but after a few reviews and the allure of a 50% discount, I figured why not?

This series was taken at a WholeFoods in Manhattan NYC, as the shots progress you’ll see the beauty of the disk. I was quite pleased to see what you can do with available light and custom white balance. The lighting above is all courtesy of the lovely folks at WholeFoods.

While it may not be something I’d use at a party, this is something I’ll break out as I start to do more portrait work. One of thing to remember with this tool, in particular, set the camera back to AF after you set the custom white balance. You need to take the camera lens off autofocus set because you just measure light, without focus. 

Got questions, please feel free to ask, thanks

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Night on an Acre

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I have always wanted to get a photo of the Elevated Acre at night, so after work, I figured I'd plug in, listen to some Sade and tune out the rest of the world as I made my way over. Unfortunately, I arrive thirty minutes late, and they had already closed the front entrance.

I tried this shot before at a distance with my 24-105mm f4L, and the results were horrendous, I knew if I got in close I'd get something meaningful. So I walked around the back music blaring and up steps to get a better perspective. While shooting I hear some garbled noise over Sade, I ignore it and keep shooting. 

After 15 minutes I listen to the garbled sound again, I take the headphones off, and it's the building security blaring over the public address "Attention!, Attention! The park is closed, please evacuate". Thankfully I got what I needed. Note to self-don't musically isolate yourself on night shoots.




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