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It's a rare individual who doesn't already know Rayvon's irresistible voice. Shaggy's long-time partner was featured prominently on the most played single of 2001, "Angel" (from Shaggy's 10 million-selling MCA album Hotshot).

Now Rayvon's set to make moves with his Big Yard Music Group/MCA Records solo release, My Bad."This was a collective effort," notes the charismatic singer. Members of the Big Yard family, including Shaggy, Rik Rok, legendary super-producers Shaun "Sting International" Pizzonia and Robert Livingston as well as Shaggy's impeccable Hot Shot Band add to Rayvon's distinctive flavor.

Judging from his contribution to Mr. Boombastic's dazzling international success, you'd expect Rayvon to stick to his smooth dancehall-R and B sound, but My Bad contains strong elements of hip hop and roots reggae. Here you'll find Rayvon's take on life, love and other issues, each song liberally laced with sharp wit and insight.

Content Source: (Rayon on MySpace)